Helping Indiana Citizens Prepare

We help you prepare for the worst of times so you can live like its the best of times!

Bringing High Value Workshops and Instruction to Indiana Households

Our monthly workshops help you and your household take concrete action to prepare yourselves for all kinds of difficult situations.

Skilled Team Capable Of Showing You How to Survive and Thrive

Our team is our core strength. We rely on each other's skills and experience to delivery huge value to our members.

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Preparedness Services

We offer premium preparedness services to help you leapfrog into areas where you might struggle.

Water Supply

Essential for Life.  Will you have clean, drinkable water when you need it?

Food Preservation

How much do you need?  What types?  How and where to store it.

Home Defense

It does no good to be prepared if you can't defend yourself, your loved ones and your home.

Health and Medical

What will you do without access to professional care?  We can help.

Disaster Resource Planning

Having a well-thought out and customized plan is critical to surviving a prolonged period of disaster or distruption.

  • For individuals who may be stationary or mobile
  • For groups who need to stay put

Developing a Support Network could make all the Difference

It's very hard in a prolonged disaster or disruption to be an island.  Start building a support network of like-minded and well prepared citizens around your area today!

Get StartedPRIVACY

Who can you trust?

We've been through it and know how to operate support networks free from infiltration and undermining attempts by outside groups.  We'll teach you the strategies and techniques for ensuring your safety in difficult times.

  • Timing is everything when you do mainly field work
  • Connection reliability is also a decisive factor

Supply and Storehouse Management

An increased warehouse accuracy and efficiency can lead to tremendous savings in terms of time and money. Also your customers will be much happier receiving the right orders


Our Process Defines Us

We serve small and medium sized companies in all tech related industries with high quality business growth services based on many years of software development experience

More Than 10 Years Expertise

Even from the first project we decided that we want to be the number one supplier

Reliable Long Term Partners

We rely on our partners to provide the best software solutions for businesses

Skilled Passionate Team

There is no challenge that our skilled team can't overcome using their passion

Our pricing policy is designed to cover budgets for all companies without sacrificing quality


Projects That We're Proud Of

We enjoyed working with all customers but these are the projects that stand out in our company history and we are very proud to showcase them in the grid below


Orkla Foods - Complete ERP integration and replacement of legacy systems


Alka Sweets - Custom CRM software and connection to the existing ERP


First Bank - Sales Force Automation system and maintenance contract


Fast Courier - Warehouse management system complete with maintenance


Lyra Market - ERP solutions integration and replacement of legacy systems


Monday Stores - CRM software integration and training for all members


I just finished my trial period and was so amazed with the support and good results that I purchased the app.

Jude Thorn - Designer


I don't know how I managed to get work done without Leon. The speed of this application is amazing!

Roy Smith - Developer


This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every marketer's day to day operations flow.

Marsha Singer - Marketer


Searching for a great marketing automation app was difficult but thankfully I found this great one.

Tim Shaw - Designer

Trusted By Big Brands


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